Our Story

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What is hoopcliq.com?

hoopcliq.com is an innovative new platform that connects players with one another from all over the United States and the world.

How did it all begin?

Over a decade ago, when I officially retired from the game of basketball, I accidentally fell into the field of training athletes who played professionally overseas.  Even since I was in Middle school, I have always been fascinated about how our brain works when it comes to being successful.  During this time, all the clients I had were experiencing the same challenges of not being able to take their off-season game into their season. This is typical when you only work on the physical part of the game.  So, one day after I worked out one of my clients, I asked him questions about how he felt about his progress.  Little did I know, it was that conversation that led me to where I am today.

Towards the end of the conversation, I asked “How do you feel about your game going into the season?”  Sweat dripping from his face as he drank his bottled water, he responded, “I love my game right now, but it doesn’t mean anything because I know I won’t play out there like I am right now.” “Why is that?” I replied. “During crunch time, I don’t deliver.  I just freeze for some reason.  Like, I don’t believe I can do it for some reason. I miss the shots that truly matters, and truthfully, it doesn’t make sense why I continue to get contracts to play.”

As serious as I could be, I said, “I know why.  Because you have all the talent in the world!  There isn’t nothing physically that you can’t do.  And…”  Quickly cutting me off with tears in his eyes, he replied, “Talent?!  What’s talent when you don’t believe!”  In that very moment, I truly understood the saying, “90% of the game is mental and 10% is physical.”  All these years of playing, coaching, and training athletes, I wholeheartedly dedicated myself to measuring failure and success solely on the 10% of the game of basketball.  Not only did I have it wrong, but I also (without me even realizing) was setting my clients up for failure. Because of that single conversation, I began my life-long journey to become a student of the mental game.

Before hoopcliq.com.

During the beginning stages, my Psychology degree gave me a great foundation to start from.  I was still working with clients on the physical aspect of the game but was now incorporating different exercises that would help them to start training their mind as they did their body.   After a few months of working with them every day, I was beginning to new player right before my eyes.  When it was time for them to leave, their confidence was higher than I’ve ever seen, and they completely had a different outlook on their career.  I was amazed!   Everyone’s numbers were up, and what I realized speaking to them throughout their season was their level of happiness was increasing too.  Of course, during this time, I begin to wonder where would I be if I knew what I know now, back when I was in Middle school? 

That question shot an unexplainable feeling throughout my body.  I knew at that point; my journey was going to shift from working with Professionals to working with teenage student-athletes.

Although I was still working with adults, I began looking at how I could truly tap into the world of these young players.  A lifelong friend of mine presented the opportunity to start creating manuals on mental training for Middle and High school players.  After working hard at producing manuals for 6 months, something inside kept pushing me to strive for a new way.  That’s when I asked myself what would I as a young athlete, need to reach my goals? For the next 5 years, I researched, revamped, and perfected what you see on hoopcliq.com as of today.

My Mission.

I have failed at reaching my dream of playing basketball at the highest level.  What I lacked at a young age was a solid community of like-minded athletes to connect with during my journey.  Professionals who are passionate to teach players to be better, healthy, and strong.  And most importantly, I didn’t have anyone to explain, introduce, or teach me how important the mental game of basketball is when it comes to my success. Because of this, I have committed my life to creating what I didn’t have by helping athletes reach the goals they have set for themselves, leaving them with no excuse to say, “I don’t have what I need to be successful.”