Before I introduce Coach Richardson, let me tell you who I am...

My name is Garrett Richardson; Nolan Richardson’s grandson.  I introduce grade school, middle school, and high school student athletes of all sports, to their peak version of themselves by rebuilding their habits and beliefs systems.  I am also the founder of both hoopcliq.com, and hoopcliq Academy. 

I’ve been fortunate to be one of the very few people on this earth who truly knows Coach Richardson’s system. I’ve not only grown up watching my Grandfather coach, I’ve also had the privilege to learn his system as a player under my late uncle Nolan Richardson III at Tennessee State University.  For over 25 years of picking his brain and becoming a sponge of his teachings, I have no doubt that his knowledge can help you right now, to elevate your coaching career; especially during the  state our world is currently facing.  

So keep reading…

Now, for those of you who don't know this amazing man...

Now, for those of you who don’t know this amazing man, Coach Nolan Richardson is a trailblazer. Unlike any coach in our time, his road to success began as a 7th-grade coach in our hometown of El Paso, Texas.  He revolutionized college basketball with his style of play throughout his coaching career.  

He led Arkansas to six sweet 16’s, three final fours, and of course the 1994 National Championship. In 1995 Coach led his team back to the NCAA Finals where he almost pulled off back to back championships. He was the 1994 National coach-of-the-year. Coach Richardson has over 500 career victories. 

He is also the only coach to win 50 games in his first two seasons. He coached on the international level with Panama National team as well as the Mexican Olympic Team as well as in the WNBA. As if Coach didn’t have a long enough list of accolades, he was also inducted into 13 different Hall of Fames. 

All of this is Important to You Because...

It’s no doubt that Coach Richardson has a system that undoubtedly works, and now for the first time, he is ready to reveal all of his wisdom with you. 

“His System” = More Opportunities to WIN

Listen, If you don’t know how to get your players to play hard,  and you do not have a system for them to thrive in… it’s game over.
Unfortunately, there are so many really good coaches who fall into this trap. A trap of not having a working system in place so they end up riding the wave of struggle until they quit or until they get released from their position.
this doesn’t have to be your story.  

What would your career be like if...

You have a system that has given Hall Of Fame Coach, Nolan Richardson:

What feelings would you...

Have if you were to walk out of your locker room like my coach did but to be greeted with positive energy?

What kind of sleep would you have when you laid your head on your pillow knowing you went out there, coached your heart out, and come out with more wins than loses?

What feelings would you have if new opportunities were being present because of your success?

When I asked Coach Richardson these questions...

He told it was the best feelings he had ever felt.  It’s not common to see someone who started as a 7th grade coach to not only have coach at every level, but have experienced success.

Coach Richardson and I want you to experience the feelings that many Coaches never get to experience in their career.

*********But, if you know how to get your players:**********

And the best part is, With Coach’s System:

And the reason is simply...

Because you’re bringing a proven system that works regardless of your personnel.
In other words…
The heavy lifting is already done for you.

And the full Library is ready for you TODAY. Let's open the hood and take a look inside.

Coach Richardson's Defensive System

The first course Coach will cover in this program is his Championship Defensive System.  This style of defense alone put Coach’s name on the map.

In This Course, You Will Learn:

Defensive System

$ 125
  • 30 Modules
  • 5 Hours Of Instruction
  • Valued at $1997


Being in a close game at home, where you were down 5 points. You decide to use one of coach Richardson’s full-court presses, and you see that pressure is causing the other team to panic. Your team forces a few quick turnovers which turns into two quick baskets. The crowd is going crazy, and your team finds new life. What would that do for your career if you were to learn the kind of pressure defense that Allowed Coach Richardson to win over 70% of his games?

What Would It Do???

Coach Richardson's Offensive System

Although Coach Richardson is known for his Defense, what many people don’t know is he’s genuinely passionate about Offense.  In this class, you will learn his offensive sets that allowed his players the freedom to take advantage of their opportunities.
You will learn:

Coach Richardson's Offensive System

$ 125
  • 29 Modules
  • 3 Hours Of Instruction
  • Valued at $1997

There Are...

Countless memories where I witnessed so much excitement watching Coach Richardson’s team play because to me at the time; it looked like there was so much freedom.  Chaotic?  Yes, but what I didn’t know at the time , it was designed to look that way. Controlled chaos.  Imagine learning Coach Richardson’s easy to teach Offense that will allow your team to take advantage of the Defense, while gaining the confidence of being able to play their game within the confines of your Offense.

Coach Richardson's Drills And Conditioning Course

 To get the most out of the Offensive and defensive system, you have to learn how coach Richardson got his teams in shape to play at an extremely high pace.  In this course, you’ll discover
This course includes the eBook-Video Drills And Conditioning Video Diagram Series.
This series shows PDFs and animation models of Coach Richardson’s court and conditioning Drills that are specific to his entire system. The goal here is to ensure you know what each drill looks like so that you can replicate what Coach Richardson did in his practices. 

Coach Richardson's Drills And Conditioning Course

$ 125
  • 25 Modules
  • 3 Hours Of Instruction
  • Valued at $997

Having played in Coach Richardson's system, I knew...

Our team was going to be in the best shape because of the type of conditioning we did during preseason. This is the backbone of the system because it is the team’s overall shape and conditioning that separated Coach’s team from the rest of the pack.  Imagine what it would be like to go into each game, knowing you have a better chance of winning regardless of who you were up against, simply because your team is in better shape.  

This type of confidence travels DEEP through the bloodline of your team.

Championship System eBook

This is the Hall Of Fame Championship System Bible.  Coach Richardson shares his entire system in this eBook. He goes in great detail explaining each aspect of his system. 

Coach Richardson Championship System eBook

$ 125
  • The Entire Offensive and Defensive strategies
  • Stories and Diagrams
  • Valued at $997

There Will Be A Time...

Where you will need to have quick access to Coach Richardson’s system.  Having it at your desk for reference will will ensure you are following the system to a tee.  

60-Day Practice Schedule

This will help you get right into practice without having to spend any time figuring out what you are going to do every day.  Use this as a tool to write down the pros and cons of your practice so you can go back and see what patterns your team is creating.  This will help in identifying the direction your team is heading towards throughout the season.

Coach Richardson's 60-Day Practice Schedule

$ 77
  • 60 Daily Practice Schedules
  • Track Your Progress All In One place
  • Valued at $197

There's Not A Better Feeling...

When you have put in the work to learn and understand something new and have an Already Done-For-You schedule. This takes the guess work out of the picture. Plus, gives you your time back to use for whatever is most important to you. 

Referee Relationship Workshop

Although Coach Richardson wasn’t known to have the best relationships with Referees, he did learn how beneficial it was to develop a relationship with the major authority of the game. 
In this course, you’ll discover

Coach Richardson's Referee Relationship Workshop

$ 97
  • 8 Modules
  • 1 Hour Of Instruction
  • Valued at $197

Every Time A Ball Is Tipped, There Are Three Games Going On...

Your game, your opponent’s game, and the Referee’s game.  When you learn and understand how to take care of your game while learning to align with the referee’s game, you will immediately put yourself in at the table where winning consistently is being served.

Coaching The Coach Course

I love this course because Coach Richardson teaches the day to day life of being a coach. It’s the stuff that most successful coaches don’t teach. 

In this course you will be taught:

Coach Richardson's Coaching The Coach Course

$ 97
  • 12 Modules
  • 2 Hours Of Coaching
  • Valued at $997
  • These are topics that are not often covered in a way where you can go and directly insert into your current situation.
  • The topics covered in this course typically are not discussed in a public setting. Especially in a way where you can quickly Implement the advice right into your current situation.

Let me be extremely clear about this...

Coach Richardson has never shared any of this with anyone outside of his inner circle. I mean seriously, there aren’t many people who are open to sharing their secrets to their success without charging high dollar for it.  His accolades speak for themselves. It doesn’t matter what level of basketball you coach; he has been there. 

Special Package Deals For The Coaches Who Want To Experience Success Faster

Fundamental Package

$ 297
  • Module 01: Offensive System Course ($1,997 Value)
  • Module 02: Defensive System Course ($1,997 Value)
  • Module 03: Drills And Conditioning Course ($997 Value)
  • ADDED BONUS #1: 60-Day Practice Schedule ($197 Value)
  • A Total Value of $5,188

Advanced Package

$ 497
  • Module 01: Offensive System Course ($1,997 Value)
  • Module 02: Defensive System Course ($1,997 Value)
  • Module 03: Drills And Conditioning Course ($997 Value)
  • ADDED BONUS #1: 60-Day Practice Schedule ($197 Value)
  • ADDED BONUS #2: Championship System eBook ($997 Value)
  • A Total Value of $6,185

Expert Package

$ 597
  • Module 01: Offensive System Course ($1,997 Value)
  • Module 02: Defensive System Course ($1,997 Value)
  • Module 03: Drills And Conditioning Course ($997 Value)
  • ADDED BONUS #1: 60-Day Practice Schedule ($197 Value)
  • ADDED BONUS #2: Championship System eBook ($997 Value)
  • ADDED BONUS #3: Referee Relationship Workshop ($997 Value)
  • ADDED BONUS #4: Coaching The Coach Course ($997 Value)
  • A Total Value of $8,179

Okay, I Get It...

 That’s a lot of information,

really quick, let me tell you some benefits you’ll get from Coach Richardson’s system:  
#1 – You’ll become an expert at the fundamentals of how to get your players in shape for the season.
These conditioning principals are the foundation of Coach Nolan Richardson’s style of basketball.
#2 – You’ll learn how to utilize Coach Richardson’s defensive system to your advantage. 
#3 – You’ll discover his equal opportunity Offense that simplifies the strategy to get easier  scoring opportunities.
#4 – You’ll find the power behind Coach Richardson’s championship system by becoming familiar with his unique strategy on how to add more time improving your team and less time   scouting your opponents. 
#5 – In the ‘Advance’ version of the course, you’ll have access to 2 amazing tools where you can get a deeper dive into Coach Richardson full system. 
These Practice Schedule is designed to provide you a peace of mind while implementing Coach Richardson Championship system as well as get his entire strategy in a eBook format.
#6 – In the ‘Expert’ version of the course, you’ll have access to 2 exclusive courses where you’ll see behind the scenes of what it takes to create your legacy.
These courses include insights into becoming a better coach by building relationships and understanding the responsibility of being more than a coach.
You’ll see exactly how Coach Richardson played his role and what he thinks is necessary to build and nurture relationships.

For peace of mind...

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchases, simply email info@hoopcliq.com during your first 30 days and we’ll refund your money.
Now you might be asking yourself, “why 30 days?”
Well, it’s simple.  You have a hall of fame coach who has been successful in middle school, high school, Junior College, Mid Major college, Major Division 1 college, and Professional.  He has done it…with the SAME system he teaches in these courses. It’s proven.

So, the real question here is...

Are you truly ready to move your career to the next level?  This type of information is usually not available to the public and many of the great coaches wouldn’t be so willing to share their secrets on how they were able to do it.  If you do what Coach Richardson teaches in the course, you can’t help but gain the knowledge and grow yourself and your career. 

Question? If All This...

course did was finally give you a system that provided an opportunity to win more games…would it be worth it?
…If all this course did was make you a better coach by putting a better product on the court that would make your leadership and community proud to be a part of… would it be worth it?
…If all this course did was help you put yourself in a position to be considered for promotion…would it be worth it?
Honestly, there is no price tag you could put on his knowledge and skill set.  It’s invaluable information, but because his newfound purpose is to pass the torch to the next generation of Coaches, he has decided to give you an offer that rarely happens from someone of his caliber.

So, Here's The Thing

Don’t wait.  And remember, this entire decision is 100% risk-free for you, because I’m adding a 30-day money back guarantee just in case you don’t absolutely love it.  So, if you’re still not sure if this is for you, don’t decide right now…just say “maybe” and take it for a 7-day test drive. If you’re not 100% delighted, just shoot me an email, and I’ll refund your entire investment. 

Commitment to your career and begin your journey below