Hello, welcome back to hoopcliq.com’s Mind Is Positive Question And Answers Podcast. The Podcast speaks only when spoken to.  The email I received is from a freshman basketball player out of the state of Georgia.  That athlete is lacking confidence while trying to recover from an injury. I share three tips that I believe will help not only this athlete who does not have the confidence to get through his injury but any athlete who is struggling with confidence period.  Go ahead and cliq in.  Habits are the game of this episode.

In this podcast, you will Learn:


  • How a player was injured
  • Why working on playing a position can hold you back
  • What your focus should be on when it comes to recovering


The mental game is the key to success.  This episode will help you look at your game differently if you are working on being the best version of yourself. Thank you for listening, and don’t forget to follow, comment and share.  Show some love!!! Comment below and tell me what your thoughts on this situation are? 

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