Hello, welcome back to hoopcliq.com’s Podcast.  The email I received is right on time with the playoffs. We cover the topic of goals and expectations.    Go ahead and cliq in.  I provide a way for you to look at your goals in a different way so that you have a better opportunity for reaching them.

In this podcast, you will Learn:

  • How a player is upset because he didn’t reach his goals
  • Why it’s frustrating when you don’t meet them
  • The secret most successful people to do to reach their goals
  • What is goal getting
  • How this method keeps you motivated to reach your goals even through hard times

The mental game is the key to success.  This episode will help you learn how to properly set goals and how to work them.  I definitely recommend you listening to this podcast if you are interested in learning what it takes to improve your mental game through your goal setting.  Comment below and tell me what are your thoughts on this situation?

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