Hello, welcome to hoopcliq.com’s Podcast.  You are in for a treat. Being focus is crucial and in this episode the email I received allows me to go into detail about this subject.  Go ahead and cliq in.  I’ll wait. Oh, I also explain a trick I use to do in the games back when I played to keep me focused.

In this podcast, you will Learn:

  • How thinking helps and how overthinking hurts your performance.
  • About one of the most important mental skill an athlete’s needs to be successful.
  • The lifeline to everything you experience on and off the court.
  • What the pros when they make mistakes
  • A trick I use to do to keep myself focused during a game.

A lot of players suffer from not letting go.  This episode will help you learn how to get past the thought you have about the mistakes you have during a game.  There are some good nuggets in this podcast!  Comment below and tell me what are your thoughts on this situation?

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