Develop Mentally.  Dominate Physically.

The Game Of Basketball Is Changing.

I Help Develop The Powerful Mental Edge That

Turns Any Player In Middle School And High School

Into A High-Performing Athlete.


Are You Ready To Transform Your Game?  Here’s How.

 It takes a team to reach a dream.  The Cliq is our exclusive community that allows our your athlete to connect with other middle and high school basketball players all over the world.  In this community, your child will be able to share their videos for exposure directly on the website, get their own video channel, have access to learn specific drills, and techniques from the best teachers on YouTube.  The Cliq is a one of a kind community that encourages our members to learn how to sharpen their craft through videos, meet like-minded individuals, and ultimately grow into the new and improved version of themselves.  Sign up today!  It’s free to join.

  The secret to reaching maximum performance begins and ends with your mind.  The game of is changing, and not many are aware of it.  If your child doesn’t learn how to make the changes it takes to continue to play the game they love, then they will eventually end up watching from the stands instead of being a part of the action.  This is the reason why hoopcliq Academy exists.  Our curriculum is designed to provide your athlete the untold secrets the most successful people in the world use both on the court, and in life to separate themselves from the rest of the pack.  One of the best decision you can do for your athlete is getting preparing them for success by exposing them to the inner world of success.

There are millions of athletes who put a lot of work into their craft in hopes to one day reach the ultimate goal of playing college basketball.  Out of those athletes, a very small number of players will reach those goals, while the rest of the players are forced to retire from the game they worked so hard at to be the best they can become.  But there’s a problem.  There are many athletes who let go of the game not realizing there are still schools out there who are looking for players just like them.  A major issue many college coaches face is they do not have the budget to truly find players for their program.  That is why hoopcliq Scout was created.  Our mission with hoopcliq Scout is to provide college coaches a cost-effective way to connect with players they didn’t even know exist.  By having these coaches as well as academic recruiters in the background looking for players who are the right fit for their program, gives players like your child, who have the ability to continue to play at a higher level, a chance to potentially continue their dream of playing college basketball.


 Meet Garrett:

In today’s world, it is so easy to say that an individual is this or their that.  Well, I am here to tell you that most people don’t just fit nicely in a box.  There is so much more to your athlete just like there is so much more to me.  Click the “read more…” to get a glimpse of who I am.

You Are Only As Good As Your Mindset

Let me help you explore where your limit as an Athlete is!  

Why Mental Training Is Good For Athletes.

Why is it that athletes don’t Train Mentally? Here’s Why

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I get it.  Mental Training does not have an attractive cover.  So it’s easy to say…

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