A little bit more about me.​

I am:

A husband to a super creative, smart, and incredibly intuitive woman who probably gets so tired of me being different characters when she needs me to be Garrett.

A Daddy to 4 admirable children who individually command their imagination to become their reality (which fills my life with joy)

A son to one of the most amazing human beings on the planet (my Mom) and a brother to two super supportive older brothers.

A grandson to two incredibly fun, loving, and super funny grandparents (which one who so happens to be a Hall OF Fame Coach)

From the Passageway to the North, better known as El Paso, Texas. (I love my city!)

A sucker for Learning, but when I am not studying, I’m a movie and cartoon Lover. (Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure is one of my favorite movies, and there was not a better cartoon than the Pink Panther, Thunder Cats, and the Rugrats)

Professionally I am:

Exceptionally talented when it comes to helping athletes (and Parents) perform, period.

Committed with over a decade of experience coaching athletes of all levels.

A Certified Life Coach.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

 Not easy on athletes. (because they come to me with the mission to be a version of themselves they have never met before. So, it a must that I am. I respectfully encourage athletes who are not committed to doing whatever it takes to become their best version to hold off on signing up for any of my camps, one on one, or group coaching packages until they are ready to be fully committed to the journey.)

As an Athlete, I have:

Failed at reaching my life-long goal of playing at the highest level in basketball.

Been cut from a team (and worked my way back not only on the team but in the starting lineup too).

Been named MVP, All-State Team, Offensive Player of the year and Defensive player of the year.

Held records at Tennessee State University for assists and steals as well as scored over 1000 points in my college career.

Been selected to participate in a National Collegiate All-Star Game.

I was humbly given an opportunity to be a Developmental Coach for the Mexican Olympic Team.

Here Are My Top 4 Focuses:

                                                                             1.  Create new hoopcliq Academy classes to teach more strategies on how to improve your game from the inside out.

                                                                             2.  Recreating hoopcliq.com to be the best platform in the world for growing Middle and High School basketball players.

                                                                             3.  Developing Camp hoopcliq.  A camp that is designed to help players define their strengths and weaknesses.

                                                                             4.  Continue to support my clients through their journey as they become a better version of themselves.