Hello, welcome back to hoopcliq.com’s Podcast.  The email I received was good! We cover the topic of being able to perform with mental toughness.    Go ahead and cliq in.  I believe you will hear a few things that will help you understand why you don’t play well under pressure.

In this podcast, you will Learn:

  • A struggle every athlete experiences
  • Why mental toughness is crucial
  • The biggest two reasons why you don’t perform at your highest level
  • What to do to build your mental toughness
  • What can happen when you are mentally tough when a game seems out of reach.

Mental toughness is the key to success.  This episode explains how mistakes you make during a game can ruin your focus if you are not mentally prepared.  If you are interested in learning what it takes to improve your mental game, cliq play.  Comment below and tell me what are your thoughts on this situation?


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