The most successful people in the world operate at a higher level mentally than their competition.  They accomplish this by working privately with a coach who helps them reach a levels of success most people only dream about. Garrett Richardson has over a decade of experience working with athletes at all levels, which through his experience, he knows exactly what it takes to get athletes to the next level of their game.  Having Garrett to guide you through specific challenges will catapult your success rate a lot faster than having to tackle it on your own.

We will discuss your situation and implement a strategy for you to execute. During the four week session, you will have the opportunity to email at any given time for other questions or comments. I will respond to you within a 24 hour period.

(4)-60 minute Telephone or Video Sessions.
Unlimited Email Support for Duration Of the (4) Weeks.
Sessions Are Scheduled Upon Availability During A 4 Week Span.

This is similar to the One-on-One Coaching Package; however, in some cases, people work and learn better with the support of their peers who can relate to them.  Once a week, for one hour, we will collectively brainstorm about issues and then I will design game  plans for the group to defeat our challenges!  You will have 24/7 email support for comments or questions during the 4 week span.  The group may consist up to 5 people.

  • (4)-60 Minute Teleconference Telephone Sessions

  • Unlimited Email Support Up Until All 4 Sessions Are Complete

  • Sessions Are Scheduled Upon Availability During A 4 Week

The coaching session will be a video stream.  You will be given the direction on which method will work best for the group. There is no additional charge for this service on our end; however, rates  may apply. Please check with your long distance carrier.

Laser Coaching is designed to help you narrow in on a specific issue you’re having and quickly implement a new plan of action for breakthrough results!  During this call, we will discuss your situation in detail and develop a laser-like plan for you to follow.  You will receive 48 hours of email support.

  • (1)-60 Minute Laser Focused Telephone Or Video Session

  • 48 Hours of Unlimited Email Support After The Session Is Complete

  • Your Scheduled Session Is Based On Availability

* Laser Coaching is a onetime session. It is not an ongoing coaching relationship. If you would like ongoing coaching, please consider either One-On-One or Group Coaching.

This is for the serious basketball player that wants more feedback on their playing style.

Upload a segment of one of your game tapes onto YouTube (15 minutes max).  Members have the option to either place the video on your profile page or email me the link.  Once I have access, I will evaluate the video and critique the situation you requested.  I will then follow-up with a 20 minute telephone or video session with the results of my evaluation. Secondly, I will formulate a new strategy for you to reach your goals of being a better player.  This offers a different approach on how we can elevate your game in the future by correcting the errors today!

  • Critique Up To 15 Minutes Of Video

  • (1)-20 Minute Telephone Or Video Session

48 Hours of Unlimited Email Support After The Session Is Complete.

Just like a time out, your coach only has a few moments to discuss the next strategy before it’s time to go back on the court. This coaching option is designed to give you the opportunity to get in and get out just like a time out.  This option is used to get motivated to play before a game or to remove the bad attitude that you are carrying around.

  • (1)-30 Minute Session Telephone or Video Session

24 Hour Unlimited Email Support